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William Faulkner

      I don't care much for facts, am not much interested in them, you cant stand a fact up, you've got to prop it up, and when you move to one side a little and look at it from that angle, it's not thick enough to cast a shadow in that direction.
-----William Faulkner

Books, magazine and journal articles, and other resources on Faulkner’s works. (Note: All of the following bibliographies continue to be compiled without further notice. Check the revision date at the bottom of each document to see when it was last updated.)

Primary Sources: Works written by Faulkner
Including works edited by others

General Books on Faulkner

General Book and Journal Articles on Faulkner

Magazines, Journals, and Periodicals on Faulkner

Criticism Series on Faulkner

Handbooks and Guides on Faulkner

General Works on Faulkner’s Short Stories

Faulkner Criticism in the 1990s: [NEW!]
| 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999

Faulkner Criticism in the 21st Century:
2000 | 2001

Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference Information
Includes bibliography of published conference proceedings

Books and Articles on Individual Works:

Absalom, Absalom! Intruder in the Dust Sanctuary
As I Lay Dying Light in August Sartoris
A Fable The Mansion Soldiers' Pay
Flags in the Dust Mosquitoes The Sound and the Fury
Go Down, Moses Pylon The Town
The Hamlet The Reivers The Unvanquished
If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem Requiem for a Nun  
Short Stories and Other Works

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