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Faulkner History and Hometowns

Though the mules plod in a steady and unflagging hypnosis, the vehicle does not seem to progress. It seems to hang suspended in the middle distance forever and forever, so infinitesimal is its progress, like a shabby bead upon the mild red string of road.

Hometown Faulkner

In Ripley, Mississippi, you can view the lifesize statue that William Faulkner’s great-grandfather had cast of himself

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William Faulkner was born in New Albany, Mississippi, but the place his story really begins is Ripley, Mississippi, the home of Faulkner’s great-grandfather and namesake, William Clark Falkner     . . .    For the tourist set, here's a page inviting you to enjoy Mississippi's Southern flavor, whatever that means     . . .    but for official info, you'll want to visit the Mississippi Tourism site.     . . .    For a time, Faulkner lived in New Orleans, and occasionally drank at Broussard's     . . .    On the square in Oxford, you can see Duvall's, the first location of the First National Bank of Oxford founded by Faulkner’s grandfather, and the model for the Sartoris Bank in Faulkner’s novels     . . .    On the opposite side of the square from Duvall's is the Gathright-Reed Drug Company, originally located next to Faulkner Alley, which was run by Faulkner’s friend Mac Reed who sold his books and even lent them out     . . .    As during his life, it's still not easy to get to Faulkner’s home—there are few signs (on both the asphalt and the information highways). To make it easier for your navigation, you can get to it here and here ...

For one person's "epinion" about Faulkner’s hometown today, read "Spittin' Off The Balcony in Oxford, Mississippi" at

Historically speaking ...

If you've read many of Faulkner’s Civil War stories, you know that General Nathan Bedford Forrest occasionally drops in for a visit; here is some more information about the legendary Confederate cavalry commander. Even more engaging are the actions of Company A, Fifth Regiment, of the Mississippi Cavalry, as written by William A. Clayton.     . . .    Or you can find out about the history of Oxford from the Oxford City Web site.

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